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Build Your Audience

More eyes. More avenues. More accessibility. It all adds up to a larger audience for your products. And uQast is the catalyst. The more people see you, the more credible you are.

Build Your Credibility

No better way to build your online credibility than by using audio and video media. Your name and products will appear in more places than ever before.

Monetize Your Expertise

Get your content and your knowledge in front of the right people (the paying ones). They are looking and uQast shows them the way.

Build Your Email List

uQast gives you the ability to use optin forms on each page. So you can capture leads and send them directly to your subscriber base, right from inside the player – from ANY website.

Create Point and Click Upsells

Right on your page, create upsells that will drive and strengthen your business. No need for complicated coding, multiple pages or redirects.

Get More Twitter Followers

Increase your Twitter following. Tweet about new free content you added to your uQast store and watch them flock to see what is new.

Get More Facebook Fans

Your Facebook fan base growth will thrive with the right uQast tools behind it. And with uQast tips even your free content will get you money.

Get More LinkedIn Connections

People will find your on uQast and increase your LinkedIn connections. This increases your credibility and with more credibility your worth grows.

Playback on iPhone and iPad Automatically

uQast is “i” compatible. iPhones and iPads will play your uQast media without interruption helping your content reach more people and spread even faster.

Sell from Anywhere in 2 Clicks

No need to upload content. If you have media anywhere on the web, with the URL and 2 clicks you are set up on uQast. And anyone can buy direct from your player!

Dominate the Search Engines

With uQast, choose your keywords and dominate your niche. You have what people are searching for uQast just helps them find it easier and faster. It’s laser targeted SEO.

Create Video Pages Fast & Easy

If you have video anywhere on the web it’s fast & easy to get them into your uQast store. And you don’t need any special training. Trust me… even your Grandma could do this.

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